Construction is the process of making a building and bringing it to life from its original designs. The CWL was built over a period of two years (June 2009 – November 2011). We have researched on the library’s development throughout the construction process, recording the progress achieved throughout the span of time previously highlighted. Below are presented both research andillustrative pictures which record the construction at the different stages.


Construction Diary: (written as if we were personally involved in the process)


From June 2009 to September 2009

Work will soon begin on the actual construction of the building, following a phase of initial ground works  to form the library’s foundations.

The ground works phase is fully underway, they completed piling works and a key milestone in the development will see the arrival of the tall tower crane. Following a week programme of excavation, work will begin on the construction of the basement Work is now accelerating rapidly, efforts have been concentrated on forming the basement structure and the excavation is complete. The building’s mechanical and electrical services will be housed in the basement area. Now they can begin the construction of the structural frame. Towards the middle of October the project will start to rise up above ground level.


From October 2009 to January 2010

They are working on the construction of the ground floor area following the recent completion of the basement walls construction. Once the library construction works are completed, the basin dock wall will create a pedestrian ramp.


From February to July 2010 

The final elements of the propping system on the lower levels will soon be removed since the concrete frame has reached the correct strength to support its own weight.  A one week long laser survey has been scheduled to measure the envelope of the building. This will ensure a correct fit for the timber panels. These panels are planned to be craned into position by early September and the spiral staircase will be completed over the next 2 weeks as will the two emergency fire escapes.

George Rex(2011) [Online image]. Available at: [Accessed 16th November 2012]


From August to November 2010

During October, a link from the site to the services will begun. A major construction milestone will be met at the end of the week, work is due to commence on the construction of the roof and a metal decking system will soon be installed. The overall floor area of the roof will be greater than the footprint of the building at ground level (due to the inverted pyramidal design) so it is essential that the concrete pour will be sequenced to progressively load the structure. The building is now self supporting and insulation will be applied to the concrete slab.

George Rex(2010) [Online image]. Available at: [Accessed 16th November 2012] 


From December 2010 to May 2011

The pre-fabricated timber cassette is being installed onto the building’s façade.  A waterproof membrane along with the bronze coloured membrane will soon be installed on the building exterior as well.  Moreover, the mounting of the  green sedum roof will provide a microhabitat for plants and insects and will absorb carbon dioxide.

Work will commence across the North and East elevations to install the final mesh rain screen. A great deal of activity is taking place on the library’s internal fit out. Specialists will install an acoustic panelling system as soon as the primary steel framework structure is completed.


From June 2011 to October 2011

They are due to imminently finalise the curtain walling installation. High level balconies are due to be incorporated and the library’s stunning ceiling is close to completion as is the nearby spiraling staircase. Great progress is being made both internally and externally, the ground floor fit out has also been included into the short run schedule, due to the recent installation of the flooring finishes in the entrance area. The final architectural finishes are now being considered.



. George Rex(2011) [Online image]. Available at: [Accessed 16th November 2012]

The skin of the building is clad in aluminum sheets that are anodized in a light bronze with sequined perforations, giving it sculptural appeal and striking visual effects. We made a 3D model of a section of the outer walls, in order to clearly show the insulation and design.




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