Materials – Concept


Video and Snapshots:

This conceptual sketch-model sequential video illustrates the architects aspiration when designing the library. Their intention was to provoke the feeling of entering a cloud when walking upstairs to the first floor and into the library. The above pictures are details of the sketch used to make the video itself. These pictures were chosen because they highlight the materials used: the aluminium was replicated with cork and tracing paper, the water was obtained through the use of watercolour markers, the pavement was made with a synthetic grainy paper, the vegetation was reproduced thanks to synthetic grass sheets, and finally, the surrounding buildings are simply sketched with a black pen. The final video composition below was obtained through various alterations of the original sketch, which were recorded photographically and finally mounted into a sequential video. Thanks to these alterations, a story was created… a story that maps the feelings of the people who walk into the cloud library.

Cloud library

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